Since our founding in 1992, we have relentlessly pursued solutions for our clients and a tremendous, caring work environment for our team members as part of a larger commitment to each other and our community.

Sometimes it is about how it gets accomplished every bit as much as what gets accomplished.

We are a collaborative team of professionals committed to our clients, our community and each other.

It is with pride that we have maintained a fun, challenging culture that builds success with focused energy.

Our identity and our service delivery to clients permeates our culture and helps us to chart our future.

We utilize an extremely collaborative structure and astoundingly flat hierarchy to develop careers, achieves goals, and help to mentor the next generation of professionals.

We invite you to consider joining our team, or to work alongside us as we accomplish things previously not thought possible or too intimidating to consider.

Please seek out by mail or reach out by phone at 314-966-2727 to discuss ways in which we can work together.

We believe you will find an inviting, comfortable, approachable environment that is well-suited to satisfying your need for a supportive and flexible place to thrive.

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The Bean Counter

Bean Revised 3


The Bean Counter has a permanent home here at Schmersahl Treloar. Originally a part of the St. Louis project through the Regional Arts Commission (RAC), The Bean Counter was on display outdoors and was nearly destroyed due to the elements and St. Louis weather.  We promised the sculptor that The Bean Counter would remain indoors and on display as our mascot. 

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